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St. Elizabeth Catholic University Parish is participating in I Give Catholic for Giving Tuesday, November 29

I Give


The Rosary is a prayer of hope.

The Virgin Mary StatueThe Rosary is a powerful prayer of devotion to God through devotion to Mary by means of a series of prayers and meditations on the life of Jesus and Mary. In it we find all that life offers: pains and joys, but also always the hope that only a loving, protecting, saving Father can truly give. The Rosary is a prayer of hope. The complete Rosary is composed of twenty decades. It is divided into four distinct parts of five decades. If you say only five decades a day, it is customary to say:

  • The Joyful Mysteries
    (Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays of Advent, and Sundays from Epiphany until Lent)