St. Elizabeth Catholic University Parish

Mass Intentions

Mass will be said during the week for the following intentions:

Saturday, February 3 5:00 PM Eva Gutierrez, RIP, by Sonia Comacho, and
Marie Antoinette & Joey Golding, RIP, by Pamela Tubbs
Sunday, February 4 8:30 AM Courtney Payne, Birthday Intention, by Gary & Barb Mensen
  11:00 AM Emily Carroll, Birthday Intention, by Greg & Maria Shehan
  2:00 PM The People of the Parish
  5:30 PM Carla Castle, Health Intention, by St. Elizabeth staff
Monday, February 5 5:30 PM Lucille Melcher, RIP, by Lawrence Melcher
Tuesday, February 6 5:30 PM Carmen Hernandez, RIP, by Tim Brown
Wednesday, February 7 5:30 PM Melissa Canale, RIP, by Mom & Dad and
Ronald Butts, RIP, by the family
Thursday, February 8 5:30 PM

Ben & Mary Jane Gorham, RIP, by Nell Whitehead and
Frank Campos, RIP, by Julia Campos and family

Friday,February 9 5:30 PM Ronald Satroplus, RIP, by the Dominicans
Saturday, February 10 5:00 PM Sonia Cardenas, Health Intention by the family
Sunday, February 11 8:30 AM Noah Philip Lloyd, Health Intention, by Sherry & James Grusendorf
  11:00 AM Carla Castle, Health Intention by Greg and Maria Shehan
  2:00 PM Frank Campos, RIP, by Knights of Columbus
  5:30 PM The People of the Parish