St. Elizabeth Catholic University Parish

Mass Intentions

Mass will be said during the week for the following intentions:

Saturday, March 16 5:00 PM Jo Record, Health Intention, by Greg & Maria Shehan and
Dick McCann, Birthday Intention by Bates Family
Sunday, March 17 8:30 AM Adolf Cervantez, RIP, by the family
  11:00 AM The People of the Parish
  2:00 PM Dolores Church, RIP, St. Elizabeth staff
  5:00 PM Ronald Butts, RIP, by his wife
Monday, March 18 5:30 PM Jerry Decker, RIP, by Henrietta Decker
Tuesday, March 19 5:30 PM Vocations Discernment, by Martinez family
Wednesday, March 20 5:30 PM Dorothea Knapp, RIP, by Knapp and Cockings families
Thursday, March 21 5:30 PM Ben & Mary Jane Gorham, RIP, by Nell Whitehead
Friday, March 22 5:30 PM Wes Irvin, RIP, by Bates family
Saturday, March 23 5:00 PM Norma Childers, Health Intention, by St. Elizabeth staff
Sunday, March 24 8:30 AM Morgan Williamson, Birthday Intention, by Gary & Barb Mensen
  11:00 AM Dolores Thomas, Health Intention, by Greg & Maria Shehan
  2:00 PM The People of the Parish
  5:00 PM Dolores Church, RIP, by Greg & Maria Shehan