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  • We have 28 Sunday classes
  • Classes are for Pre-K4 – 8th Grade
  • A special program for older communicants (children who missed First Communion when they were in their second grade)
  • A two-year program for First Communicants


We, in the Continuing Catholic Education (CCE)/ Parish Catechetical Ministry of St. Elizabeth’s commit ourselves to do the work of Renewed and Integral Catechesis, forming Catechists who are agents of renewal in the realization of “Education in Faith” as envisioned by the parish promoting the total human development of the catechized, bringing them into the communion and in intimacy with Jesus Christ.


We, in the Continuing Catholic Education (CCE)/ Parish Catechetical Ministry of St. Elizabeth’s do envision ourselves to be a community of disciples, renewed evangelizers, open to be formed by God’s Word, nurtured by the Eucharist, witnessing by our lives the saving power of His love, thus “transforming our catechesis to the values of the Kingdom of God and of Christ.”


These general guidelines and procedures are given in the spirit of love and care for our children making us faithful to our mission. We desire to carry out affectively and effectively the task given to us forming our children in the Gospel and in the Life of Jesus Christ.


  1. Generally, students must be at least four years of age to be enrolled in  Pre-K classes.
  2. Parents enrolling children in sacramental preparation Classes should present a copy of their BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE at the time of registration for classes.
  3. An interview with the DRE for any new students entering grades 2 through 8 who were not associated with any religious education program in prior years is required.


The CCE registration fee is $20.00 per child, $35.00 for those in 1st Communion class (2nd grade and older group) and $ 75.00 per family (with 3 or more children). Contact the church office for payment assistance. No child will be refused in CCE classes.


    1. Responsibility – The Church recognizes the supreme responsibility of parents as the first educators of faith to their children. Parents assist the child in the learning process, teach them how to pray and review any take home items for the next CCE Class. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to the Holy Mass scheduled every 3rd Sunday of the Month at 11:00 AM.
    2. Absences  –  Students must attend classes regularly.
    3. Punctuality – Parents are asked to bring their children on time for their  CCE class at 9:40 AM. Tardiness is very distracting to a class.
    4. Discipline and Problem Solutions – Students are encouraged to share their faith learning  experiences in our  program.  If a child’s behavior disrupts the learning process, the steps listed below will be  followed to ensure that class participation may continue.
        • At the first incident, the student will be reminded of misbehavior by the  classroom catechist.
        • After the second incident, the student will be sent to the CCE Office to share with the DRE. (Parents must be notified.)
        • If the student’s behavior continues and cannot be helped by the catechist or DRE, parents will be contacted.

COMMUNICATION: CCE Coordinator’s Desk

Parents and Guardians are strongly urged to communicate any compliments, complaints or concerns to Sr. Nancy. Your prompt action can mean so much to our children, to our CCE program and the catechetical ministry.

    1. Health Information – Please inform the CCE office regarding any health concerns that may affect your child during religious education classes.
    2. Accidents and Illness – If your child becomes ill or has an accident during religious education classes, the parent/ guardian/emergency reference will be notified immediately.
    3. Change of Address/Contact Number/s – Please notify the CCE office of any changes of address, contact number/s and e-mail address.
    4. Weather – In case of inclement weather, the Parish will notify local media by 10:00 pm on Saturday evening. Please check your local television/radio stations for any delays or cancellations.


First Reconciliation and First Communion

The preparation process for first reconciliation and first communion is a two year process that typically begins in the first grade. Students must be enrolled in CCE classes or Catholic School throughout their first and second grade year. In the child’s second grade year, parent(s) are required to attend two meetings in the fall and one meeting in the spring in preparation for receiving the sacraments. A student and parents’ retreat is offered before receiving the First Holy Communion. Parents are encouraged and expected to lead their children through the process prior to the reception of the sacrament.

      1. The child should be attending CCE classes regularly.
      2. Children will be allowed only three absences.
      3. Photo copy of Baptismal Certificate
      4. Parents are encouraged to bring their child/children to the celebration of the Holy Mass every weekend. They should be in the CCE monthly mass and they should be responsible to teach their children the required basic traditional prayers and basic beliefs of the Catholic faith.
      5. Parents are obligated to attend two meetings in a year of preparations.
      6. Parents’ Retreat is offered for parents to attend as good example/model of faith to their children.
      7. We need a picture of your child for their first communion certificate.
      8. Parents and all First Communicants will attend the Holy Mass for First Communicants with their First communion attire.